Internal CSGO Hack


Humanized RCS & Aimbot

Hitbox Triggerbot

Aries Internal

Slotted LAN Hack!

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It is a Sloted LAN Hack! Which means it silent loads and got no real visuals !
Everytime the Launcher get started our server creates a ~90% different DLL!
That means every user gets a different DLL.


- Internal CSGO Hack
- Humanized Aimbot with X, Y Smooth Scale ||| Bind to every Key
- Standalone Humanized Recoil-System with adjustible Scale
- Hitbox Triggerbot ||| Bind to every Key
- Humanized Bunnyhop (Misses on a random Scale some Hops)

Supported Anti-cheat

- Matchmaking
- FACEIT Server-side (All Features)


- Kernel Mode Driver
- Polyengine
- Memory Hiding
- Process Protection
- Process Hollowing
- String Encryption
- Direct3D Overlay
- PE Header Erased
- Code Mutation
- Melting to GPU EXPLOIT (credits: @ Jellyfish)
- VAD Hiding
- PEB Hiding

Coder: Deathgum